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Cubetek Economy Bluetooth Transmitter V4.0, Wireless 3.5mm Adapter, for TV, Model CB-BT01

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  • BLUETOOTH TRANSMITTER – CB-BT01 is the newest addition to Cubetek Bluetooth devices, a Transmitter which allows Audio from Non Bluetooth Device to travel to Bluetooth Audio devices. Which means sounds from TV to Bluetooth Earphones / Speakers. This device is equipped with Bluetooth V4.0 for lossless sound and a range of 10m (in open space).
  • EASY CONNECTIVITY – CB-BT01 is a simple User Friendly device designed to simply Plug and Play. No software or drivers required. ? Compact design – Highly compact & portable design, makes it easy to carry and plug in.
  • ALWAYS POWERED – CB-BT01 comes with 3.5mm Aux Jack which connects to Earphone Or Audio Out Port of TV. The Bluetooth Transmitter is then powered with USB Power Adapter supplied in the Package. The device does not come with any battery and has to be powered on all the time at the time of usage. Compatible with almost all TV except Samsung Smart TV.
  • INSTANT SOUND – The device pairs with most Bluetooth devices with Simple pairing steps. Once paired the sound comes to your Bluetooth devices Instantly with no noticeable delay. CB-BT01 can pair with Only ONE device at one time unlike Cubetek CB-BTI-018. Also the transmitter does not support AptX devices.
  • WIRELESS EVERYWHERE – With CB-BT01 you are always wireless and can enjoy TV watching at night without disturbing others. Also has Auto Pairing feature. Ideal for Audio Output devices. No Loss of Sound even from good distance.

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Cubetek is proud to launch another revolutionary economical 3.5mm Wireless Bluetooth Audio Transmitter V4.0 with simple to use, No Battery, No Charging, Simple pairing, Instant sound at an astonishing price

1. USB Powered. No Charging , No Battery, All time Powered on 5V , 2 Amp USB Socket
2. 3.5mm Aux Support with Bluetooth Output function.
3. Allows connectivity to Bluetooth devices. Only one at a time
4. Suitable for TV, PC, Laptop, and other media devices with Audio Out function.
5. With Bluetooth V4.0, its compatible with most Bluetooth devices.
6. Has a range of upto 10M in Open space.
7. Its not a Bluetooth Receiver and only transmits sounds from Non Bluetooth to Bluetooth audio devices.

1.Connect the Transmitter to Power Source with USB socket of 5V,1 Amp like TV USB Socket or Mobile Power Adpater. The device is now powered
2. Connect 3.5mm Aux Cable with the transmitter to TV Audio Out /Earphone port.
3. Switch On the Bluetooth Earphone / Speaker.
4. Double click the Switch on the Transmitter for Pairing it. Fast Flashing of Blue light will appear.
5. Start pairing for Bluetooth devices. When in pairing the light on the Bluetooth earphone will flash fast. Now the devices will auto pair. Once paired the Blue light on Transmitter will become stable and stop flashing. This is successful pairing.
NOTE: Keep both Bluetooth devices close to each other at the time of paring. Make sure all other Bluetooth devices are put off.

CONTENTS: 1 x Bluetooth Audio Transmitter
1x AUX Cable 3.5.mm
1 x 3.5mm Female to 2 RCA Male Cable
1 x User Manual

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Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 4 cm


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